Toshi-e / Towards the City is often considered the final phase of the more general Provoke period. Clearly revealing an admiration for and an allegiance to the photographs in Nakahira’s For a Language to Come, Takanashi’s Toshi-e images are presented within an elaborately stark, yet beautiful photobook designed by the incredibly inventive Japanese graphic designer Kohei Sugiura. Encased within black cloth covered boards inlaid with a gleaming silver disc, Toshi-e is actually two bodies of work: the raw, often somewhat deserted Nakahira-inspired spaces of the hardcover, and the densely populated images of Tokyo-jin, which are presented almost as an after thought in a more modest booklet that accompanies the hardcover volume. Together, these landscapes and cityscapes elucidate Takanashi’s all-pervading interest in the city — its rhythms, tempo, and the potential for alienation. With the city as his primary means of chronicling a Japan in transition from agrarian culture to urbanization, Takanashi not only speaks to the alienation that comes with a modernized Japan, but also to the inevitable loss of century old traditions. 
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Yutaka Takanashi
Toshi-e (Towards the City) + Tokyo-jin (Booklet) (1974)
Izara Shobo
First edition
width x height
300 mm x 440 mm
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