With pleasure IBASHO invites you to the opening of the IBASHO Photo Competition Exhibition.

Works by the winner, the Belgian artist Zaza Bertrand from her series 'Japanese Whispers', can be admired in the front room of the gallery. The jury praised her work photographing the visitors of the mysterious 'rabuhos', Japanese hotels for sexual encounters:

'As an outsider, she impressively captured the uncanny tension between pragmatic intimacy and sincere fantasies of romance. The result is a suspenseful photo series that feels simultaneously alienating and somehow vaguely familiar, and that intruigingly balances between documentary and fictional narrative. Although a reference to the diary-style documentary from the history of Japanese photography - Nobuyoshi Araki being a well-known example - seems obvious, Bertrand at the same time holds on to the highly fascinated perspective of a distanced foreigner.' - Zippora Elders, curator

In the middle room IBASHO will exhibit works by the other artists from the shortlist, Rasa Anaityte,Christian Arts, Tine Guns, Bruno Quinquet and Mayumi Suzuki.

Please find more information and images for the winner and the people on the shortlist here: